Early bird registrations
15 Dec - 24 Mar 10:59 pm
Normal registration
Deadline 10 Apr 10:59 pm
Late registrations
Deadline 10 Apr 10:59 pm


Premier Submission only grappling tournament for everyone. Kids, Teens, and Adults. #subonly

Parents and coaches: To create accurate bracketing please make sure that your account reflects the age and gender of the COMPETITOR you are registering.

Spectator passes are available for $15 per person at the door.


Schedule* and divisions:

We feature men and women's divisions for competitors ages 4 and up.  All skill levels are welcome.  Submission Challenge is submission grappling for everyone!

Novice divisions are available for first time competitors with less than 6 months of experience, this includes Judo, Wrestling, Sambo or any other grappling in any form.

We will post a schedule of the matches 48 hours prior to the event.

Professionally designed and crafted medals are awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Championship belts for Advanced divisions.  Brand new team trophy awards for 2019.

*Schedule is tentative and may change based on the amount of athletes registered

Weigh-ins and Division Changes:

Weigh-ins begin at 8 A.M. the day of the tournament.  If an athlete cannot make weight they will be disqualified and issued credit(s) that can be used at another Submission Challenge event.  We do this to ensure the integrity of the brackets.  Registration may be edited by the athlete from the Account page until the day registration closes.


Submission Challenge runs a double elimination format with an additional bracket for 3rd place if necessary .  We do this to ensure that our competitors are able to participate in as many matches as possible while still running a timely event. The Submission Challenge utilizes a slightly modified EBI Overtime ruleset.  Full rules for the event including legal/illegal techniques, weight classes, and age groups can be found here

Match length:
Adult Regulation time: Standard 10 Min Match
Teen Regulation time: 8 min matches at all skill levels
Youth regulation time: 4 min matches at all skill levels.

Ways a Match can be Won:
Win via Submission victory within regulation time.
Win in Overtime: victory by submission, fastest submission time, or fastest escape time.
Win by opponent disqualification.
Win via opponent forfeiture.

Submission is based upon physical tapping, a verbal tap, or yelling during a submission attempt. If an opponent must have the match stopped for any injury related incident or any other reason beyond control that does not warrant any disqualifications, the opponent will have 5 mins to return to the match or they will have to forfeit the match.


Every match at a Submission Challenge Event is worth points and a team title is awarded after the tournament.  Submission Challenge is all about getting the finish and extra points will be awarded for athletes who submit there opponent.
6 Points for first place
3 Points for second place
1 Point For third place
3 Additional points for finishing VIA submission within regulation

Photographer information:

This event features a professional photographer to catch all your best angles!  Photographs of the event will be available after our photographer process them and they will be made available at the Submission Challenge Facebook Page and select photographs and videos will be featured on the Submission Challenge Instagram #SubmissionChallenge.

Warm up mats:

Warm up mats are generally set up for athletes but should an extenuating circumstance exist we may not have warm up mats available.


Safety is a top priority.  Every Submission Challenge event is staffed by a licensed EMT to ensure the maximum safety of our athletes.


Competitors who register within our Early Bird registration process may have their event registration refunded up up until Normal Registration closes for the event. Any registrations received after the the Early Bird registration deadline may receive an event credit if a registration cancellation is needed. In the event you become injured or have to withdrawal for unforeseen circumstances after registration/refund deadline, the Sunday before the event date at 11:59pm, you will receive event credit for any future submission challenge event and your current registration can be rolled over to a friend or family member. Questions please contact [email protected]



  • Adult Gi 69 USD
  • Adult No Gi 69 USD
  • Adult Absolute Gi 30 USD
  • Adult Absolute No Gi 30 USD
  • Youth and Teen Gi 69 USD
  • Youth and Teen No Gi 69 USD